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Electrical Improvement Products LLC, is the creator of UniShim. The UniShim provides fully adjustable mechanical positioning and fastening for precise, sturdy and long-lasting installations.


The UniShim 6-32 model is a remedy to wall board overlap issues frequently encountered when installing receptacles and switches.  The UniShim 6-32 can be used with all devices including Receptacles, GFCI, Dimmers, and Dacora style. 


UniShim can be installed on all receptacle and switch installations on building projects, providing a higher quality installation and reducing call backs. Elevate your professionalism and workmanship with UniShim.


Soon to be released, are two other UniShim models!  The 8-32 model is used to fix uneven light fixture mounting and the 10-32 model is for fixing uneven ceiling fan mounting.  Release dates coming soon!